From frightened mice to meandering minds

blog3The Astral Vagrant blog, wanderings and findings, is twelve days old. Just before we get to the two week mark here’s a recap of some of the favourite posts so far:

1) So how long have you been doing this?

A brief summary of my life long wanderings throught the esoteric realms

2) Who’s past life is it?

Can we tap into the memories of our ancestors? Some fascinating recent discoveries suggest it may be possible.

3) Are you for real?

What is the nature of what we call reality and how real is it anyway

4) A reality only dreamed of

To what extent can we shape such an insubstantial and maleable reality? Some interesting people have been trying some even more interesting experiments

5) So where do you hang out between lives?

Where are we when we’re not here? Science at a quantum scale may shed some intriguing light on what may happen to consciousness when it leaves the body.

6) Early memories of earlier lives

Children have given some incredible and convincing accounts of their previous lives.

7) The oracle within

How much useful information do our dreams contain and where does it come from? It turns out we might do well to pay more heed to our nocturnal journeys.

I hope the post so far have been thought provoking. If they have, I’d love you to share those thoughts here. Please feel free to post links to any other articles or resources you may have discovered by doing further research on any of these subjects.

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