In the flow

untitled-design3Several of my recent posts have dealt with the ways in which we interact with the subtle energy that underpins and permeates us and our universe. From the ways we perceive it and enhancing that perception, to how we can use and direct it’s flow through us to manifest desirable changes. Here’s a recap of that journey so far.

1) Let me take you by the gland

Exploring how we perceive the universe with more than just our five physical senses.

2) The human hot spot

Using this perception to enhance our connection and communication.

3) Welcome to my worlds

Can we connect with other worlds and parallel universes?

4) It’s time to come clean

Now that we can see and feel so much more, let’s give it a spring clean.

5) Know the force

Getting better acquainted with the most vital of these energies

6) Use the force

Working with the subtle yet powerful energy of the life force




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