In non corporeal form, in realms beyond the material, are spirit energies and entities from whom we can receive wise counsel, comfort and support. Some may be with you for your entire life whilst others may come to help with a specific problem than be on their way. In either case they may help by arranging synchronistic meetings, influencing you intuitively or causing changes in the course of your day. For example, your car keys may go missing to delay you long enough to avoid an accident. However, for them to fulfill their role to the fullest we need to acknowledge them, meet with and converse with them.

You may wish to meet one of your guides to begin to build a relationship with them or to ask a specific question. Either way, I can facilitate this. By taking you, by means of hypnosis, into a state of deep relaxation and then through guided visualisation taking you to make their acquaintance. You may ask them questions about their relationship with you and about specific issues in your life. You may even exchange non physical gifts with them in their realm. A traditional way of bonding with guides.

I can visit you to do this on a one to one basis or it can be fascinating to do as a group. Simply gather some friends to host a social evening where you and your guests will join those who have, since prehistoric times, been making contact with their guides from outside the material realm.

Please call or email using the details on the contact page to find out more or make an appointment within a thirty five mile radius of Southend On Sea.