Space Cleansing / Home Blessing

Most of us have walked into a room and felt immediately that there has just been an argument, or that something of gravity has been said before we entered. We feel this before anyone speaks or does anything to indicate what was happening before we came in. At an intuitive level we feel an “atmosphere” or energy generated by an earlier exchange. Conversely I’m sure we’ve all passed through the front door of a house and been struck by how welcoming a home it is. Of course we would all like our home to feel like the second example given here but that is not always achievable by décor and the smell of freshly cooked bread alone.

Sometimes the residual energy left by troubled times or even the trials of parenting an average teenager can linger and get into the fabric of a building. In more extreme cases uninvited and unseen entities and denisons of realms other then the material may be the cause of a house not quite feeling like a home, or even more challenging problems and phenomena. Even if the family has always been a happy one and nothing has been launched through the air, by either seen or unseen hand, it is good practice to cleanse any space once in a while. This is especially important if your home contains the space where you meditate or tend to your own spiritual development.

In the 21st Century we enjoy the freedom to walk any spiritual path we choose and as an eclectic seeker and practitioner, I celebrate the wonderful diversity this has given rise to. Accordingly I can tailor your home cleansing or space clearing to be in keeping with your own beliefs. Similarly I can make bespoke the Blessing that will protect your freshly cleansed home long after I have returned to mine.

Please call or email using the details on the contact page to find out more or make an appointment within a thirty five mile radius of Southend On Sea.